On Demand – 40 min – Yoga Practice – Tech Neck & Shoulders


Yoga Flow to help relieve Teck Neck & Shoulders.
We all spend time hunched over computers, phones and tablets and this time is increasing each year, which leads to “Tech Neck and Shoulders”: a rounding in the upper back, the head moving too far forward. When we look down, the head follows and it is like adding weight onto our cervical spine. The outcome can range from spasms, pain in the neck and shoulders to headaches and creaky joints.
This practice encompasses all the good stretches for your shoulders and neck into a fun flow. Even though the focus is neck and shoulders, you will still move the whole body. You can do the whole sequence when you have time. And there are key stretches as take away to do throughout the day when you have less time.
No props necessary, only your yoga mat!

On purchase, you will receive the link to the video, which is hosted privately on YouTube and will only be visible to you.



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