Are You a Horse Rider?

Would you like to improve your level of fitness OFF the Horse so you can be more balanced ON the Horse?

I love horses and horse riding. I used to do it as a kid, but only in summer camps, I wasn’t taking consistent lessons. So when I started riding again as an adult in my 30’s, I realised how much technique I was missing. I have been taking lessons for a few years now at Balcultry Stables and Cherry Orchard Riding Centre. My riding position is still work in progress, but the key is “progress”.

Riding can be difficult when you overthink it and I know I get scared sometimes. I fell off the horse a couple of times between 2018 and 2019 and it was hard to build my confidence back up. I keep going back though as I truly enjoy it and the process of learning: dressage, jumping, indoor and going on a trek.

I created a program based on my experience for horse riders using Pilates and Yoga.

horse riders program by yoga with cat

My dream is to have my own horse so I can develop my riding skills and the bond with the horse. But it hasn’t happened yet. I am part of Choltrai Riding Club though as I enjoy the social aspect and I want to learn more about horses and shows in general. I take part in the home shows at Balcultry Stables when I can.

The one element I can count on is my body and fitness. I have a strong core through my Pilates and Yoga practice

When the horse doesn’t behave, i have muscles to hang on and when it goes smoothly, I can support the horse with a better posture.

I created a program based on my experience for horse riders using Pilates and Yoga.

As a rider, you need to do enough on your horse for your “riding fitness”, but there is a lot you can do “off the horse” to help make the process smoother and increase your stamina.

The Program Encompasses:

  • Pilates exercises to work core muscles
  • Yoga postures to stretch and strengthen the body
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques

You can join one of my programs either online or when I run it at Balcultry Stables.

Alternatively, I can run a program for your group at your riding club or at your Stables.