Private Lessons for Yoga, Meditation or Pilates

Why take a private class?

Some Yoga classes are fast paced and good alignment can sometimes be sacrificed for speed to build up heat. While this can be good for experienced practitioners, it is very daunting and discouraging for beginners who struggle with the transitions.

In a similar way, for Pilates a lot of classes are mixed levels and it is assumed that the practitioner knows how to engage the core and breathe.

Private classes also address the individual’s needs. You may be interested to work on lower back issues, manage your stress or levels of anxiety.

They are also great if you find it difficult to do some postures, or have mobility issues. I will modify the postures until you can safely do them and gain in mobility is possible.

The rest of the group seemed to already know the moves, I felt I was struggling to keep up. So in the one to one sessions, I wasn’t overwhelmed, it was all about meeting me where I was at. I felt confident to join the group classes then.


A yoga or Pilates teacher is not a doctor, but they can learn more about the condition of the client and tailor the program.

I have been practicing Yoga for a while but I needed feedback to be able to improve and reach certain goals. Cat had me practice to review my shoulder alignment, and after a few sessions, I was able to gain ease in postures such as Down Dog and plank. We also worked on my transitions and I got some drills to work towards some advanced postures.


The other advantage is for intermediate or advanced practitioners that may have hit a plateau and need feedback on their practice to be able to get past it.

The different blocks (warm up, limbering, cool down, etc) can be adapted. You could choose to add more meditation or relaxation into a class if learning to meditate is one of your goals.

The ultimate relaxation tools are Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra (conscious sleep) and it is amazing to practice in a private setting. So many props are used for Restorative poses, it is a little bit harder to do them fully in a group class. So having your teacher set up the bolsters, blocks, cushion, so you can lie down and be guided in a deep state of relaxation should be high up in the self-care to-do list!

In summary the benefits of a private sessions are:

  • Motivation if you are struggling to practice consistently.
  • Convenience, finding a time that works around your schedule.
  • Beginners can learn the basics in a safer manner, with proper alignment.
  • Perfect solution if you find group settings overwhelming. Safe environment.
  • Intermediate to advanced practitioners can work on something specific, get feedback and improve.
  • Get a tailored plan catering for your limitations, injuries, or Health issues.
  • Self-care treat with a Restorative session

The sessions can take place in your home, office, or at my home studio.