Why Run Yoga, Meditation or Pilates Programs In a Work Environment?

The pressures of the work environment cost businesses a lot in absenteeism, reduced productivity, low morale and employee turnover.

corporate yoga with yoga with cat

Work can be demanding, with emails, calls, meetings and deadlines. As the day/week progresses, we tense up, hold our breath in an attempt to go through the amount of work. This happens whether we work from home or in an office. One of the tools to address this is mindfulness.

corporate yoga with yoga with cat

Being mindful means being aware of our thoughts, emotions, and how we are feeling both physically and mentally.

“Having spent over 15 years in the corporate world, working in highly pressured environments,
I have seen first-hand the impact of stress in the workplace and the resulting loss in productivity and motivation and even sometimes burnout.”

Mindfulness and movement programs in the workplace can do wonders for the employees.

  • Provide tools for physical health, Improve posture from working at a desk (hips, shoulders).
  • Effective in addressing work-related strains/injuries.
  • Help combat the emotional impact from being overworked: increase focus and clarity, manage stress, calm the nervous system.
  • Increase overall happiness, strength and flexibility.

The benefits are reflected both in the positive experience of the staff and in the success of the organisation. Employees with high levels of wellbeing tend to be physically healthier and more productive and engaged at work.

The program will contribute to staff retention; improve work-life balance and motivation. It is also conductive to do something fun as a team.

Since Covid19, a lot more people are working from home. Having a lunchtime class online enables my team to step away from their desk, stretch and relax.
It gives us an opportunity to connect with one another in a fun atmosphere outside of the work context.

-A Lovely Customer’s Testimonial-

Programs can be tailored to the need of the organisation, depending on type of industry, job roles. They are designed to suit all levels of fitness:

  • Corporate Movement: Mat Yoga, Pilates or Yogalates. Chair Yoga.
  • Corporate Mindfulness: Meditation, Relaxation, gentle movement and Mindfulness techniques.
  • M&M’s: A mix of both mindfulness and movement.

Prices depending on program and location.
Get in touch with your requirements for a quote or for some advice.