My Yoga and Pilates Journey

From Office Gal to being my own boss.

My name is Catherine, nicknamed Cat, which is appropriate as I love cats and they like a good stretch!

Originally from France, I have been a proud Dubliner since the end of the 90’s!

My journey with yoga started 20 years ago. A friend dragged me to a Yoga class in a gym. I noticed right away the benefits to my health.
I saw a vast improvement on my breathing, which helped me overcome a mild form of asthma. It was also the start of my self-awareness journey!

I spent over 15 years in the corporate world, having studied Business and Marketing, working in Finance, Consulting, and Sales.
As someone travelling a lot and spending time sitting in meetings, yoga offered relief for my Tech Neck, Computer Shoulders and Desk Hips.

As Yoga as helped me so much, I saw the opportunity to train as a yoga teacher as a path for self-improvement and to help others. In 2013 I started to train with the Yoga Training and Therapy Centre in Dublin.

Yoga with cat dublin

My love of Pilates came later, but i was so enthused by it that I trained with PTTI and became a teacher in 2018. Pilates complements my Yoga practice really well, it also helps me with my posture for horse riding and in everyday life. Beyond the physical, having a stronger core has made me believe more in myself.

After an interesting and busy career working for companies, I decided to start my self-employement journey! I teach Yoga, Pilates and Meditation first and foremost. And I use my business experience to work as a freelance consultant to help former employers and clients with their development strategy.

“Having both in my life gives me balance and fulfilment.”

yoga with cat in phoenix park dublin

In my spare time, I love horse riding; I find that Yoga and Pilates help my posture on the horse and my riding fitness. I spend as much time outside as I can, preferably in the lovely Phoenix Park.

Yoga with catherine bernard dublin

I believe Yoga, Pilates and Meditation are for everyone.
A practice can be as challenging or as relaxing as you need it to be. My classes have a strong focus on alignment and encompass mindfulness and stress management.
I teach public classes, 1 to 1, and corporate classes in the Dublin area, and now online.

Join me for a class in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere!