On Demand – 40 min – Gentle Yoga Practice – Stretch & Relax


In this Gentle Stretch and Relax Yoga video, the only equipment you will need are a yoga mat, and a block (or thick book).
The class begins with a mindfulness practice to center yourself and check in with the body, mind and breath. The simple act of checking-in and mindful breathing will do wonders to manage stress and relax. Then we start moving the whole body, with gentle stretches. The practice ends with a short relaxation.
Feel free to press pause at any time, where you feel you need more time in a stretch or for the relaxation. This practice is beneficial at any point in the day to relax or take a break from your computer, de-stress and release tension.

On purchase, you will receive the link to the video, which is hosted privately on YouTube and will only be visible to you.



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